WELCOME CONFERENCE: Global tobacco epidemic through the European lens. by Kristina Mauer-Stender., Tobacco Control Programme, WHO Regional Office for Europe

OPENING CONFERENCE: Entering the second decade of FCTC implementation: progress so far and challenges ahead. by Tibor Szilágyi, Secretariat WHO FCTC

2nd CONFERENCE: The EU Tobacco Product Directive: dream, mirage or nemesis? . by Constantine Vardavas, European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention

3rd CONFERENCE: Supporting cessation using mobile phones: The Be He@lthy Be Mobile initiative 
by Susannah Robinson, The Be He@lthy Be Mobile initiative, WHO

4th CONFERENCE: Are the world achieving the 2025 target on tobacco use? by Alison Commar, Comprehensive Information Systems on Tobacco Control, WHO

5th CONFERENCE: Have smoking bans after WHO FCTC worked in reducing harms of passive smoking? 
 by Cecily Kelleher. University College Dublin

CLOSING CONFERENCE: Plain packaging –why it matters, and how to make it happen by Mike Daube. Curtin University, Perth, Australia